Organic Jungle Farm: Pomarrosa

Our van pulled over by a dirt road leading into the bush near the little village of Río Chico. All ten of us hopped out and were met by a truck and Benito, the manager of the organic farm Pomarrosa. “The road from here is too bad to take by car,” he explains. After 20 minutes of bumps and ducking low branches, the truck pulled to a stop. “The rain flooded the river last week and it’s been running down the road ever since,” explained Benito. “We have to walk the rest of the way.” A quick hike later, the trees opened up and we had arrived at the little getaway in the jungle. A perfect introduction to the weekend.

Pomarrosa is run by Benito and his family. It’s a little organic farm in a rural area east of Salangos, just within the boundary of Machalilla National Park. The cabaña is three stories of caña. The ground floor with an ancient pool table, the second floor has the kitchen, dining area, and social area, and the open air top floor with loads of bunk beds and 2 lovely private rooms. Surrounded by all the trees, the air felt and smelled cooler and fresher than under the blazing sun on the coast. The place was an eruption of flowers and birds. After spending most of the morning running around like a crazy person trying to get pictures of the humming birds, I gave up and stuck to the flowers.

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Cascadas de Alex

One lesson that I have learned here is that in Ecuador nothing ever goes as planned.

Another week at Kamala had passed and we decided to celebrate by taking a trip into the jungle to go swimming in some waterfalls and have a barbeque at the Cascadas de Alex nature reserve. As I may have made obvious with my foreshadowing, it didn’t go so smoothly. Continue reading

Montañita – First Impressions

Montañita is a cute little surfing town buzzing with party energy about 2 miles north of Kamala. It’s a nice walk to do in the morning, (or a nice run if you’re one of the crazy athletic people in our CELTA group) and today the roar and the smell of the surf was calling me. Continue reading