To Dos

  • Learn how to cook guatita
  • Get an oven and bake lots of cookies
  • Perfect my ‘from scratch’ spaghetti sauce, since they don’t sell the premade stuff.
  • Figure out how to keep the neighbor’s goddamn chickens out of my veggie garden so something can actually grow.
  • Wake up early enough in the morning to buy raw organic milk from the old dude on the bicycle
  • Finish and start selling my surf/andean inspired knit wear collection online: 2 patterns down, 8 to go! Continue reading


People are complaining about the weather. The sun spends the day tucked away behind a smoky gray sky. Somedays we are just spritzed with a cool spray of mist coming down throughout the day. The sky is too lazy to rain, and instead gives us one long continuous sneeze. The tourists are grumpy. I love it. They weren’t here a few months ago. The air used to be heavy with moisture; the sun bore down on the back of your neck like a damp towel that’s been thrown in the microwave before being draped over your shoulders. Continue reading