About me

Some time ago I decided to change my life. Not in a change my hair, or redecorate my apartment kinda of way. I wanted to change everything.

While I love to travel, I wasn’t really looking to run around the world checking boxes off a list. My goal was to really live differently. The first idea, like many recently graduated American 20-somethings, was the PeaceCorps. After a few months of research, info sessions, and filling out forms, I realized that I could be in the just the application process for a year and still not get in. I didn’t have a year to wait around. I scrapped that plan and and began thinking through other options.

So why exactly did I want to join the PeaceCorps? A long-term stay in a developing country… Living with locals and like locals… Doing something beneficial for the community, like teaching… Not just seeing, but living and learning something different. It became pretty clear to me that I didn’t need the PeaceCorps to do those things. I could do that on my own. So I filled up a backpack, bought a ticket to Ecuador and left, without speaking any Spanish, with no job lined up, and just a starting point and a general goal.

This is a place for my personal stories and adventures, which will hopefully be entertaining for some, and maybe something inspirational or informative for anyone else looking to come to Ecuador or ex-patriate themselves on this crazy continent.

Want to really know “About me”? Here a place to start:
17 Homes in 24 Year
One Year in Ecuador
Different Worlds

Currently located in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York, but is hoping to be down south again soon.


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Awesome April. Since moving to Ecuador have you moved around a little or stayed in one place? I assume you started with a tourist visa, so did you switch to a different one after finding work? Thanks for sharing.

    • Hola Kew,
      The Visa situation has been a nightmare. It’s a bureaucratic mess. To get the exact same visa, the office in Guayaquil asks for different documents than the one in Quito, and the one in Cuenca. The laws and rules seem to change every few months. If you would like some more specific visa advice, I don’t mind sending you a some stuff privately. Let me know.

  2. I was able to catch up on your adventure a bit and get some info from your early blogs. What an adventure! Props to you for your courage to follow through on your goals. The Visa process does sound crazy! I’ve heard that from other sites as well. I’m still in the planning stages of my “escape” so I try to gather as much info as possible. Thanks for sharing your story April. Ya, send me an email of any helpful info you’d think would be beneficial. Hows your job going now?

  3. HI, I’m really sorry if you had (are having) problems with visa. In Latin America it’s always a problem. I´m from El Salvador and I used to work in this subject. I hope now everything’s fine. Good luck!! 🙂

  4. Dear aventurasdeabril,

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