The Beast

“April! Tienes que escuchar este. Don’t freak out just listen carefully.”

“Okay, what.”

“You know where they have that construction site up the street? They laid out the cement for the supporting beams last night and then left it to dry. And now look at this picture of what they found in the cement this morning.”

Awkward silence.

“Well!? What, do you not see them? They’re footprints with 4 toes!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think those are real footprints.”

“But look! Maybe it’s not clear in the picture, but you can see them clear as day in the cement.”

“The problem isn’t whether it’s clear enough. It’s like, a square with 4 perfectly equal little holes for the toes. It looks like someone did it with their finger.

“No. Because people say that they’ve found four toed footprints around before. It’s not just this one time. Now the construction guys don’t want to work there anymore.”

Chico, what do you think is more likely: Four-toed demons running around on a construction site at night, or those waikes who live up the hill having some fun with wet cement?”

Annoyed silence. I decide it’s time to back away from the issue.

“Well…okay. I suppose that it might be possible that they’re real. I just don’t think it’s likely”

“Let’s hope you’re right April.”

I decide to go back to my desk before my eyes start rolling involuntarily. I open up my inbox, put on my headphones, and turn on a NPR podcast for some background noise. So, what’s going on at home in the States today?

“A federal court will take up the case of a high-school student who refuses to wear her location-tracking school ID.
“The sophomore says the ID badge, which has an embedded radio frequency identification tag, is a violation of her rights. The student believes the ID is ‘the mark of the beast’ from the Book of Revelation.”

Okay then.

The next time I start to judge, I’ll try to remember that at least in Ecuador the court doesn’t have to decide on whether passive-aggressive harassment from a carousing digitally-challenged imp is creating a hostile work environment in violation of workers’ Title VII civil rights.

Photo credit: Aurich Lawson (

Photo credit: Aurich Lawson (


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