Reader Appreciation Award

Woohoo! I won a Reader Appreciation Award!

“Ooooo,” you are probably thinking to yourself. “What kind of vetting process was there? Maybe there was a committee choosing among all the fantastic blogs in the world and she won it all!” Well I should just let you think that it’s true. What it really means is that someone who reads my blog thinks I rock. Which is good enough for me because it rocks that something thinks that I rock. Especially when that someone is not just my mother, but the kickass blogger Steve of the The Solipsist.

I found Steve when I came across one of his hilarious book reviews on Goodreads, and decided that I must read the blog of such a wit. Once I clicked through the link, to my delight I found that this amusing book reviewer was another American like myself who had made the move South of the border (Mexico in his case) and was living the life, learning the Spanish, adapting to the culture, and publishing amazing photos and posts along the way. The connection was made and now I have the honor of being on his list of favorite blogs. Which is excellent because his is definitely a favorite of mine. Go check it out, you will not be disappointed by this self described “crusty cream puff.”

The Rules:
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer 10 questions.
3. Choose 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4. Provide links to these blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been chosen.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

The Questions:

Your favorite color? I live in a post-racial world, I don’t see color. *snort*

Your favorite animal? ¡Chancho! Pigs are awesome and super smart, and they’re so very very yummy.

Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Fresh ice cold watermelon juice.

Facebook® or Twitter®? That’s comparing apples and oranges. I’m pretty sure there was a rule in Middle School math against that.

Your favorite pattern? Stripes.

Getting or giving presents? Giving. When you know that you have the absolutely perfect present for someone you really care about… damn that’s a good feeling.

Your favorite number? 12

Your favorite day of the week? Friday.

Your favorite flower? Hibiscus.

What is your passion? To have an fun, productive, adventurous life.

The Blogs I Appreciate:
Couple of these are the blogs of personal friends, others are from people I’ve connected with in the wp community, and several of these people are so awesome they have no idea who I am and probably don’t even know I follow them. So, in no particular order:

J. P. Bohannon – Reviews of books, movies, music, shows, and interesting musings of a author/professor in Philly.

Backpacker Banter – The hijinks, travel tips, and bad decisions of a nutty surfer Brit who I befriended here in Ecuador while he was running around the world stirring up trouble.

The Parrot on the Power lines – A great teacher and all around intriguing person I met during my CELTA course, who now lives and works in Peru.

Comiques – Anne Ermond is an amazing artist who among other things draws lovely and amusing comics about life in New York.

The Jackleg Soapbox – Another great artist/comic blog. Incidentaly, I had been following her for a while before I realized that we had actually gone to Swarthmore College together. Go Swatties!!

Domestic Dive, M.D. – A food/recipe blog mixed with hilarious personal stories.

Honest Toddler – Written from the point of view of a pain-in-the-ass toddler. Very funny.

Clotildajamcracker – I have no f***ing clue how I came across this blog or what the hell I’m even looking at when I’m reading it, but I think it’s awesome and that she may be a mad genius… or maybe just mad. You should check it out and decide for yourself.

Greg Ebersole – A really nicely done photoblog from an American living in Cali, Colombia.

The Whims of Fairness – A humor blog about life, writing, and marriage among other things. It always makes me smile.

So thanks to all of you for reading my humble little blog. Thank you to these 10 amazing blogs for giving me lots of interesting things to read, and y’all should go check them out. And thank you to Steve for sending this Reader Appreciation Award my way. And in honor of Day of the Dead and Steve’s blog about his love of all things Mexican, I present this silly picture of me.

¡Calavera Catrina! Hope y’all had a creepy Halloween!


6 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award

    • Thank you! And…ah yes, though you have clearly already found out, it seems that I forget the part of step 4 where I’m suppose to contact the people I’m passing the award on to. Consider yourself notified. You have received a Reader Appreciation Award from me. Thanks for being awesome 🙂

  1. Well done you on some more thoroughly well-deserved recognition. And thank you for your appreciation, I finally got my sorry self round to acknowledging it properly!

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