A Walk Through Otavalo on Market Day

Otavalo has an amazing market with all sorts of products, handicrafts, and food. If you want to buy some beautiful handmade products sold by the families that actually make them this is the place to go. Walking along, you’re not just hear Spanish spoken, but Quechua, and the languages of people from all over the world checking out deals and haggling. Totally worth the 22 hours I spent on the bus to get there and back. Nothing too fancy, this video.  Just taking you on a little stroll with me through the busiest part of the plaza on Saturday market day. ¡Disfrutalo!


5 thoughts on “A Walk Through Otavalo on Market Day

  1. It’s good to see you back, April. I enjoyed both market day and the running piece. Do you remember Zola Budd? Check her out on WIkipedia. She was an Olympian runner from South Africa who always ran bare footed.

    • Hola! I’ve been vacationing from wordpress I suppose, hahaha. I only learned about the Zola Budd recently because I did a little research on barefoot running and she came up. She has a pretty interesting story.

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