I experienced my first real earthquake last night. I awoke in a complete panic, shrieking and squeezing the life out of the arm of my chico until the shaking stopped. Then I spent the next several hours sleepless, tearful, and hysterical, thinking of all the ways that we would inevitably be crushed to death. Everything is relative right? If I’m on a boat, the reason I know the boat is swaying is because it is moving relative to the earth. An earth THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE STAYING STILL! I’m just a human being. My entire life, and perspective on the world is built on my relative position to the earth under my feet. How can I rely on my senses if the earth is shaking around whenever it goddamn feels like?!  I mean, if you can’t trust the earth, what can you trust?! Did I mention I was a bit hysterical?

This morning I checked online, and see that it was only a 4.8 magnitude.

Conclusion: I am a complete wuss and should never ever live in California or New Zealand.


10 thoughts on “¡TEMBLORRRRR!

    • Thank you! I know a 4.8 earthquake is no big deal, as a coworker from New Zealand pointed out while making fun of me this morning. Nor are they nearly as destructive as a hurricane, as a friend from California pointed out to me. But to an East Coast girl with no previous exposure, the experience was wholly unsettling. I’ll take a hurricane any day. At least a hurricane will act in a way that is predictable and non-mind-bending.

      • We had an earthquake in Philadelphia last summer! I was in the doctor’s with my mother who has very bad Parkinson’s. I thought it was just her leg tremoring until I saw the pictures on the wall start swinging. Pretty crazy for an East Coast boy.

  1. They’re crazy, but as none have yet killed or injured me personally, I’m still enjoying the novelty every time they hit! I get a feeling somewhere between ‘where are my brown trousers?’ and ‘yippee! Lets go look at waving lamp posts!’ However, Lima’s next biggie is imminent, apparently, so I’m probably not demonstrating the healthiest regard for nature in all its awesome power. Hysteria is a fine and reasonable response, as long as you can also conduct your evac drill if needed.

    • Honestly, now that felt the 1st one, I have a point of reference for the next one. It won’t be such so foreign or emotionally unsettling. That said…”yippee”? Hahaha. Girl, you crazy.

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