To Dos

  • Learn how to cook guatita
  • Get an oven and bake lots of cookies
  • Perfect my ‘from scratch’ spaghetti sauce, since they don’t sell the premade stuff.
  • Figure out how to keep the neighbor’s goddamn chickens out of my veggie garden so something can actually grow.
  • Wake up early enough in the morning to buy raw organic milk from the old dude on the bicycle
  • Finish and start selling my surf/andean inspired knit wear collection online: 2 patterns down, 8 to go!
  • Find a store that sells yarn that isn’t complete crap.
  • Find a store that sells bras that aren’t complete crap
  • Get my clothes repaired so I stop looking like a homeless person
  • Figure out how to use Subjunctive Tense correctly.
  • Improve my Spanish enough that I can take a class at a university.
  • Go shopping in Otavalo and Ambato
  • Hike the volcano in Cotopaxi
  • Jump off a bridge in Baños
  • Go white water rafting in Tena
  • Take more pictures
  • Stay in better touch with my friends and family
  • Be at my American friends’ weddings
  • Get my VISA sorted out
  • Surf more than once month
  • Get a surfboard
  • Get a motorcycle
  • Get an iPad
  • And hell, since I’m somehow getting all those things, get an ocean front villa.
  • Paint a mural
  • Eat a cuy
  • Pick up a little German, Swedish, or Dutch, since there are enough of them here that I really don’t have an excuse not to.
  • Pimp out my website
  • Update it more
  • Write something everyday whether it’s good enough to publish or not.
  • Do my ‘to dos’

6 thoughts on “To Dos

  1. I could help you learn Dutch 😉 and good luck with the rest of your list, it’s a big list!! Miss you! Besos, Liza

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