Seashell Bracelets

The village of Libertador Bolivar is about 15 minutes north of the the village where I live, and is the location of a Disabled Children’s Center that I work with. The town is full of artisans selling jewelry, hammock, hats, and dresses. The director of the Disabled Children’s Center is an artisan herself, she makes beautiful Panama Hats.

One day after our meetings, she took me on a little tour of the pueblo so I could meet some more of the locals. As we walked down the street greeting everyone, and she pointed out a small cement and cane hut. “El tiene joyas de conche muy bonitas si quieres ver.” In front were a few colorful hammocks and dresses hanging, but other then that it looked pretty dark and abandoned. Once I walked in, I could see that the room was lined with tables, full of beautiful jewelry and statuettes, all made of sea shell. Javier, came out of the back room where I could see, piles uncut, and partly polished seashells on his work bench. He’s in his late 20s and has been making artisan jewlery from seashells since his mother and grandpa taught him as a young boy.

These are some of his bracelets, but there’s more from him to come.

Find all this and more at my eBay store.

Find all this and more at my eBay store.


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