One Year in Ecuador

As of Sunday, I have officially been living in Ecuador for one year. Insane. It has been a pretty crazy ride, and I’m not ready for it to end. So how do things stack up against the year before? Lets break it down.

The Year Before Last                     This Past Year


Books I was        The Millennium Series                      1984 – G. Orwell
                                Eat. Pray. Love.                              The Odyessey

last Harry Potter book               1st Harry Potter en español


Ways I was       Broken foot from falling          Punctured foot from running on
off an icy roof.                  a broken seashell on the beach.

Sprained wrists and lost              Stomach rashes and near
skin from skateboarding.               drowning from surfing.

Scrapes and bruises                   2nd degree burns from
falling off bicycles.                      a motorcycle exhaust.


Languages  70% English, 29% Newyorkese,       70% Spanish, 15% Spanglish,
I spoke                     
1% Spanglish                        10% English, 5% ajfbksua


# of new people             0-1                                          at least 10
I got to know
well per week


Things that             Shoveling snow                        Sweeping sand out of
pissed me off                                                                  the house

Gas prices passing                       Bus fare raising from
$3 per gallon                                 30¢ to 40¢

Spray-tanned guidos,                 Argentinean tourists, and
and hipsters hitting                   Colombian hippies hitting
on me in bars.                              on me in bars.

People assuming I’m white             People assuming I’m latina
and not believing that                    and not believing that
I’m 50% polynesian.                        I’m 50% caucasian.


Text messages                ∞                                                  24


Time spent                 Too much                                     Too much
on facebook 


Favorite             NY Pizza, LI subs, real bagels,         Camarones al ajillo,
things                    good cheeses, Dr Pepper,       jugo de sandía, ceviche,
consumed                 Pumpkin Spice Beer                   Mojitos Cubanos


Pairs of shoes             ~20                                                 2


Money spent          I’m embarrassed to                            ~$90
on clothes            
say. Many hundreds.


# of ppl I missed             3                                                  ∞
enough to cry


Times I’ve thought         ∞                                                 4
“I need to get the
hell outta here!” 

Original published January 12, 2012 on tumblr as “Un Año en Ecuador”.

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