One Week of CELTA

The first week at CELTA Kamala has come to a close.  Right now I’m lying in my hammock with my laptop, being swung by the pacific breezes, and serenaded by the sounds of the surf.  Jealous?  If it helps at all, the Kamala crew tied the resident donkey to my cabana this morning so he could graze in a new area, so now i also have some fun donkey shit smells and incredibly loud bleating/heehawing sounds.  I never realized how obnoxious a donkey’s heehawing is.  Is heehawing even a word?

To celebrate, we had a pizza night with the students after class so that we could all get to know each other better.  Their ages ranged from 17 to 62 and they are the most engaged and amazing students I’ve ever met.  In return for letting us practice teaching on them for 2 hours a day, they get free English classes, and it seems to be a pretty good set up for everyone involved.  The pizza night soon became a swinging party.  The students taught us how to use these ropes that have been weighted on the ends with glowing orbs that you spin around your body. I believe it’s the same technique that the polynesian fire dancers use, just with lights instead of fire.  We built a bonfire and danced and played music until late into the night.  It was a wonderful chance to get to know the people we’ve been teaching everyday and keep them wanting to come back, because we need them!

Original version published January 17, 2011, on tumblr as “Una Semana Fructífera”.


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