CELTA and Kamala

Were into day 4 of CELTA classes at Kamala and it’s another beautiful sunny day. A couple days ago while brushing my teeth, I must have swallowed a little demon known as “the Traveler’s Sickness” and it had been eating away at my insides for 24 hours.  But all the nasty puking and “other stuff” has disappeared and I’m able to enjoy the beauty of the Ecuadorian coast again instead of curling up in a ball in my cabana feeling sorry for myself.

The CELTA is a certification course to teach English as a Second Language run by Cambridge University. While most places in Latin America don’t require the CELTA, I didn’t want to go into a classroom unprepared. Another plus is if I every want to go traveling in other parts of the world, the CELTA is the most universally recognized ESL certification, and who knows, teaching English in Asia might be in my future.

My CELTA course is being held at a Hostel Kamala, and little place halfway down the beach between the villages of Manglaralto and Montañita. At camp Kamala the amenities are pretty basic, but I am happy, comfortable, and well fed.  I get three meals a day, which is more then I’m used to, my own bathroom, which I was more the I was expecting, and mosquitos nets over our beds take care of any real bug problems.  Jesse, one of the kids in our class, stumbled into some kind of ant migration trailing across his Cabana floor and swarming in front of his door.  He unwittingly walked through the swarm last night and had bites all the way up to his knees, but the bites and the perpetrators of the bites were gone this morning. Luckily pretty much everyone in our group has a healthy adventurous attitude and a high tolerance for spiders, ants, occasional scorpions, and geckos that sing all night. For my part, all that craziness is kind of the reason I came here.

Original version published January 13, 2011, on tumblr as “Estoy Sana Otro Vez”


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